#KRBN is World’s First Layer 1 Protocol that is built for supporting DApps working towards achieving Net-Zero Carbon Emissions by 2030/2050

We only have 7 years left to hit the 1st deadline. It is time to act fast.


Early DApps using KRBN


#foodlens enables #financial #inclusion and #sustainability to small holder farmers across the world


#ahan enables smallholder farmers to raise Agri Credit at a cheaper rate of interest by using #NFTs


#planet_G is a smart waste traceability platform that improves segregation at source by rewarding with tokens

#KRBN supports the below categories

Smart Agriculture

  • Soil Testing
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Carbon Credit Sequestration
  • Monetize Carbon Credits

Smart Villages

  • Emerging Technology Access
  • Micro Loans through Green Financing
  • Direct Market Access to sell produce
  • Organic Farming to earn Carbon Credits

#web3 Smart

  • #NFTS to raise working capital loans
  • Support #ESG initiatives
  • Automate Carbon Credit sequestration
  • Measure and offset Carbon Credits

Use Cases

KRBN supports multiple use cases to achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions

Carbon Credit Exchanges

Maximum revenues shared from Carbon Credits generation

Track Carbon Emissions

Allows tracking of Carbon Emissions


Supply chain traceability enables trust and transparency

Green Finance

Enables financial institutions to finance green initiatives

ESG Compliance

Allows ESG Compliance requirements to be committed

Consumer Trust

Single source of truth to consumers

Understand Net-Zero Emissions

Are you ready for #KRBN?